Macadamia crusted flounder


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Found this receipt in the RP Times and made it when we were in RP a couple of weeks ago. It was unbelievable! Definitely the best fried fish I've ever had. Chef Mickey says it is one of his favorites and I agree. We got the medium sized flounder filets at Sea Products. Didn't use 2 litres of oil like it says, but used about 1/2" of Canola oil in the skillet.

Hi there! This is your friend and Chef Mickey Medina here, wishing everyone is doing great and enjoying life to the fullest. It’s that time of the month for me to send our monthly recipe so, having said that, here it is…this month we are sending you a very special recipe for Mother’s Day so how about one of my favorites.

Macadamia crusted flounder

6 large filets of flounder
2 Cups macadamia nuts roasted unsalted
2 Cups all-purpose flour
2 Liters vegetable oil
4 Cups tempura
4 Cups Panko (Japanese bread crumbs)
Salt and pepper to taste
2 Cups cold water

Chop the macadamia nuts, and then add them to the Panko bread crumb.
In a small bowl, put the 4 cups tempura and add the 2 cups water to the tempura. Make a thin batter.
Put oil in a heavy skillet and bring the temperature to reach 350°. Season the fillets of flounder with salt and pepper, put the fillets in the four, then put them in tempura batter then the Panko and macadamia nut mix. Cook the prepared breaded flounder in hot oil (one at the time) until golden brown and there you have it! Serve this great fish with a nice rice pilaf and broiled asparagus and enjoy everyone!


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I had this at Chef Mickey's a couple of weeks ago and it was wonderful. One of the top three or four restaurants in Penasco.