masks in RP

Jungle Jim

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So what's your beef with me Ol-55?

You don't know me nor know anything about me yet you advise me to "Stick to fishing"?

As a matter of fact I am right now loading up my Jeep Rubicon onto one of my trailers for a six day trip into the Chiricahua's for a long awaited Gila Monster roundup. Since the monsoons have had an early start this year those fat nasties should be crawling all over the canyon bottoms in search of eggs in lizard and snake nests. The quail will be starting their second brood of the season so there will be plenty of eggs for the taking from them as well.

Ain't much fishing up in those thar hills unless you consider "dry land fishing" for lizards with a fishing rod minus the eyes and a noose made of dental floss at the tip. Some of those critters are real "lunkers" especially Chuckwallas and Iguanas.

I'm saving the next fishing adventure for August when the adult Dorado arrive in conjunction with the massive Sargasso paddies that have been developing off-shore. This past May and June were unseasonably calm so that much of the Sargasso wasn't blown onto the beaches.

Anyways I just might advise YOU to stick your sarcasm and chicken shit insults up there to the planet Uranus.



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Port Royal as in Jamaica Mon?????

Why are you commentating about anything on this forum?

My boat is for sale...if you have 125 grand US cash on hand and it's actually in Puerto Penasco Sonora MEXICO.

South Carolina..and just sealed the deal....125,000 are really quite the character Jim!...this place seems to produce them!..unfortunate turn of events has me working in Arizona for the next decade on and off....thought I’d explore sonora a train wreck sorta way....Do Game and Fish know you are poaching reptiles.....creepy hobby...

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This whole thing gets personal when someone you know who is 56 no bad health conditions goes into the hospital on a Sunday thinking he has pneumonia (sp) and is dead on Wednesday from c 19..I wear a mask. The 99% survival rate quoted means nothing to me.
Continue hiding under your bed. The rest of us sane people will live our lives.