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Does anyone know what happened to the old flex mls link for Puerto Penasco? When I search the link now it goes through various realtors site and shows limited results. Thanks!


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Thanks Terry . The version I was looking for is one not sponsored by and agent. The searches parameters on the original mls were much better. I am guessing that one is gone in favor of the sponsored versions. Thanks again!


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This is all a bit confusing but the way things are and were:

The earlier so called MLS, FLEX MLS internet real estate marketing program was operated by an individual realtor who is no longer in business. An alternate local Point 2 internet real estate marketing program was subscribed to by others. They got in a piss*n match and the Point 2 system was selected to be supported by the AMPI group and identified as their unique MLS.

The FLEX Mls soldiered on for a bit but eventually withered away due to non participation. Both are or were owned and operated by local Realtors and NOT a separate independent company as in the US. Both were or are simply separate internet real estate marketing systems offered to anyone by paid subscription independent of AMPI. The program, Point 2 is a data base designed to organize multiple home offerings with a search option and some other ginger bread. Anyone can have a Point 2 internet system in Penasco. You can design your Point 2 site in many ways to appear and function different. Anyone can use the term MLS, the term is not copyrighted here so the use is not exclusive. I seem to recall that the early Flex system included regional exclusivity to one subscriber, which caused the eventual start up of the Point 2 as the owner required compensation to use the Flex. Point 2 is paid directly to their company by each subscriber.

It helps to understand the Point 2 system. The AMPI MLS illusion is created by the process in the Point 2 real estate marketing program function called 'handshakes' which is in effect an agreement between individual Point 2 subscribers to share listings and cooperate with each other and informally agree share commissions as similar to the US. You can 'handshake' any other Point 2 subscriber anywhere . Handshakes are voluntary between individual Point 2 subscribers and not controlled by anyone but the subscribers. AMPI is merely another Point 2 subscriber they merely promote their site as MLS.

Most if not all realtors in Penasco own and maintain an individual Point 2 site designed differently but showing their name and contact information and virtually all of the listing for other handshake agencies in Penasco. Essentially redundant to the so called AMPI MLS. Each Point 2 subscriber can have unique graphics and optional functions which are offered to all individual Point 2 subscribers. Each site may offer different functions.

If you agree to a handshake with another Point 2 subscriber their listings will appear on your Point 2 MLS and your 's on their Point 2, not indicating the listing agency, appearing to be your listings. The AMPI threat is that if you do not belong they will not ,handshake' you on their subscribed Point 2 site which they incorrectly promote as a unique, independent, ethical MLS. There is no legal basis to it. The local Penasco AMPI has simply subscribed to Point 2 and described that subscription as an MLS, which realtor members of AMPI operate. All subscribers, each paying subscriber realtor and AMPI are equal Point 2 members. They pay the fee to Point 2 they have access to the Point 2 system, design their own individual site with listings. They can and have denied handshake access to the AMPI Point 2 to people they do not like or who do not belong to AMPI. They cannot deny anyone access their own individual Point 2 system, only refuse to handshake to their Point 2 site then they get to say you are not on the MLS as a competive sales tactic.

With Point 2 you can deny access to anyone to your unique Point 2 site if you do not trust or know them by denying a handshake request. You can get many handshake agreements from many other agencies but not have a single unique listing yourself creating the internet image that you are a big successful business.

You can GOOGLE Point 2 and get all the details and even create your own MLS !!!


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About 1,750,000 results (0.45 seconds)

Below from a Google search.

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Roberto, tanks so much for all the info. When we were looking for a house earlier this year I logged onto the "old" version of the flexmls a lot. It was just a personal preference but I liked that set up better than the current one or Point 2. Again, thank you