More questions On close in fishing in May/June


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Ok coming down for my fishing (Surf and Kayak) and drinking Modelo week starting next week on the 28th of May

1. It looks like a high tide week with little low tides (14 Ft down to Minus 1-2 ft) Does this change fishing in anyway for me on surf and Kayak?

2. Can you fish from the New Cruise Ship Port Jetty and will the cruise ships move for my Kayak?

3. Is it open to park and fish at Tucson Beach? What about Calle N at the end on the south side of Choya?

4. I saw some earlier post about not being able to get to the Esturo La Pinta , I have never had an issue by coming in from the road before the Mayan Gate (Encanto Vacations Condos) then driving over to the Mayan, any new issues?

5. Last but not least what should I expect to catch in this timeframe and the way the weather is expected to be?



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Just before sunset and an hour before high tide - great advice if the tide schedule cooperates, but it isn't cooperating that week. After sunrise and before sunset you'll be getting outgoing tides.

Does it make sense to target corvina? We haven't been seeing them around Lobos for quite some time.

Hooking up with Arturo for a day of fishing makes great sense if you can handle the 100-mile drive each way between Penasco and Lobos. You will catch much better fish.

As far as I know, the road from the house ruin (between kilometer post 32 and 33?) is still open to the public.


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Ric proved it to me many times. Get there right before the sun starts to come up regardless of the tide, and you'll catch Corvina and Pompano
and others if their around. More than once we had our gunny sacks full, and were leaving when the so call early birds were just getting there.


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Audsley, this Corvina thing is is one of the most fun things to do at the beach.....chasing the boils up and down the coast on beat up atvs ,old jeeps and the like