Mosquitos in Las Conchas


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If you are coming down bring repellant or buy it here. I would also pick up a couple of aerosol bombs for the house.
The skeeters are many and mucho hongry !! It's that time of the year I guess.

El Gato

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Granddaughter was getting bitten in Scottsdale, after assuring her sister that Phoenix didn't have mosquitoes. Normally we don't have them in Penasco. One of the old druggist used to mix up the worst smelling stuff when they did come in - worked great at keeping them away - along with anyone else who wasn't wearing it.


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I had some last night in my garden, I think the wind is blowing them in from the estuary as I seldom have any to deal with.

Terry C

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Here is an email I got the other day.....

Not bad..horrible...little skeeters trying out for the olympic blood sucking event.

The wind of the beach has drove them out of here.


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None in Miramar last weekend. I'm wondering if someone's water tank is left open or if contractors left some standing water. I saw that once in Encanto and it was horrible.

La Huerita

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When I lived in Mazatlan the mosquitoes were the size of burros and I'm a mosquito magnet, so you can imagine... I learned 3 valuable things.

1: Avon Skin So Soft is an excellent repellent. (You should be able to get some at the Penasco Beauty Center.)
2: If you do get bitten, try not to scratch it and the itch goes away in 15-20 minutes.
3: My favorite-- if you get bitten at home, rub a dry bar of soap on it (it doesn't seem to matter what kind). The itch stops very quickly.

This message brought to you by your friendly home remedy consultant. :)
Speaking of bloodsuckers in Las Conchas, I am watching an episode of ID - Investigation Discovery where these two younger men befriend older people and get powers of attorney and questionable lawyers and self-serving "witnessess" who may or may not have witnessed anything....and end up with the older person's property!
Their modus operandi is to lie to the elderly person about her family and try to drive wedges between them all!
Wow! I guess it happens everywhere all the time!
Yea, they tell them "you are like a mother to me".
My family can write that book!
See the Francisco Hernandez and the Blair Family Thread, I think we already have!