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Has anyone heard anything regarding Federal Police checking vehicles leaving Mexico near the MX US border?


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I hit a checkpoint yesterday heading northbound a couple clicks or so before the red cross stop. They were stopping vehicles going both directions. I'm not sure of the purpose and no paperwork or ID was requested. The officer just asked me where I was going. The weird part was when he stuck his gloved hand in the window. I stared at it for a second, gave it a shake and I was on my way. All the way home I was puzzling over this, then I came to the conclusion that he was appreciative of this gringo making the best of his limited and rusty Spanish.

The young military guy with the gun just before the border also seemed to have a positive reaction for the same reason after he asked me a few more questions starting with "Como Estas?" I guess it's pretty obvious but a little Spanish really does go a long way.


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I have missed that checkpoint so far.
But going back into the US there is a Mexican army/marines? check point next to the Insurance building in the middle of the road 150 feet from the Mexico customs area.

They have been checking every 3rd car for awhile now, almost all RV's, trailers. They make you get out of the car and search everything.

Last Sunday they were checking every vehicle going to the US, it created a 2-3 hour wait, a few people ran out of gas and cars overheated.

And then on Sunday, the Why station ran out of gas, Gila Bend had no power to pump gas.
That must have been a fun trip after dealing with temps over 100 with 65% humidity in Penasco last weekend, glad I went the week before.

Funny thing is the US border wait site said 15 minute wait with 5 lanes open, guess they were waiting for the Mexican agents to process vehicles.
Don't know what they were looking for? Or is retaliation against the Preszz's immiagration policy fiasco ? Over on FB see all of the comments, take them with a caution.


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This has been going on for about four months now. Yes checking every third vehicle and all RV's . Entering and leaving. I think Jerry's post "Dog food and chicken" the Bloomberg arcticle sums it up. We have a new President now and he wants to crack down on Mexico's southern Border of South American immigrants and drug trafficking as well as it's norther border of guns and cash entering. Which means longer lines and wait time. Also have heard locals say the new Pres will crack down on passports and visa's and deport foreigners without documents. Once deported can not ever re-enter. So people that own property should make sure they have the visa or resident card. On a side note Penasco has been packed this summer. Going into town traffic can move at a crawl, not just on weekends. Have avoided the Malecon all summer... I'm sure that is a mess and every where is charging $5 to park unless you are lucky to find a spot on a side street. Not the sleepy little fishing town anymore.


That large parking lot to the right entering the Malecon was free for years. What changed? It's just making a mess even more chaotic.