New Covid Penasco Restrictions Loosened


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Now if the govt would extend border hours!


Masks stay, curfew goes
Health & Safety Board update guidelines
On May 14th, members of Puerto Peñasco’s Municipal Health and Safety Board unanimously approved all essential/non-essential activities without time restrictions (or rather, curfew), other than those issued by the State Government and alcohol board.
may-14-health-board-terencio-1200x900 Masks stay, curfew goes
Health & Safety Board meeting May 14
Municipal Secretary Terencio Gutiérrez thanked the community, businesses, and authorities from the three levels of government, as well as all who directly or indirectly participated for their willingness to ensure the city’s preventive health measures were continually met to maintain a law incidence of Covid-19. He noted there is now the need to ease up on provisions and regulations in order to return to the new normal for social mobility through the “Peñasco se Activa” plan. Some measures, including use of masks in public, remain in place.

Approved guidelines in effect (as of May 14, 2021):
  • Measures to remain in placefor the community in general, as well as visitors and tourists:
    • Mandatory use of masks
    • Use of sanitizing mats and antibacterial gel at entrance to commercial establishments
    • Temperature checks
    • Maintain social distancing (minimum 1.5 meters)
    • Ventilation in closed spaces
    • Recommendation to not expose minors under 12, or those over 65, in public spaces
  • All activities (whether deemed essential/non-essential) may be done, without time restrictions (i.e. curfew). However, times established by the Sonora Government through the General Alcohol Board regarding sale and consumption of alcohol are as follows:
    • Alcohol sales at convenience stores and other authorized commercial vendors only till midnight.
    • Alcohol sales and consumption at restaurants, restaurant/bar, bars, and similar venues until 1:00 a.m.
  • Hotels, Motels, accommodations in general may operate at 100% capacity
  • Music groups in general, and programmed music, may play without restrictions as to public spaces or at individual residences, while respecting the guidelines established by the Sonoran Alcohol Board as indicated above
  • All religious centers may operate to their full capacity. Note: For activities including children’s participation, parents must sign waiver as to awareness of the spread of Covid-19
  • Activities at restaurants, restaurant/bars, bars, etc.may be done without capacity limits, while respecting the times established by the Sonoran Alcohol Board as indicated above.
    • Alcohol sales and consumption at restaurants, restaurant/bar, bars, and similar venues until 1:00 a.m.
  • Activities at Event Halls and/or Meetingsmay be held as follows:
    • In closed spaces, 80% capacity
    • In open air spaces, 90% capacity
    • Respect hours established by the Sonoran Alcohol Board as indicated above
    • Must have permit as issued by the Municipal Secretary
  • Beach measures(Playa Hermosa, Playa Bonita, Mirador, Mi Playa, La Cholla and hotel/resort area):
    • Comply with health and safety protocols issued by the Municipal Office of the Federal Maritime Zone (ZOFEMAT)
    • Beach hours until 9 p.m., though music groups until 7 p.m.
    • Respect safety and time protocols issued by the Harbor Master for all type of boats and vessels
  • Guidelines for Sports Fishing and Tour Boats:
    • Recreational fishing boats may run at 100% maximum capacity
    • Tour boats may operate at 80% maximum capacity
    • Respect the health protocols and times issued by the Harbor Master for all vessels
  • Activities may be held by Sports Leagues and/or Teamspreviously registered with the Municipal Sports Institute
    • Parents of minors must sign a waiver with the Municipal Sports Institute, acknowledging awareness of the spread of Covid-19, to be able to participate in the different athletic leagues and/or teams
Note: These provisions and/or safety measures are established without overstepping provisions issued by the Federal and State Government, and are subject to change and/or modification as new guidelines may be issued through the Secretary of Health or the Sonora Secretary of Health and State Health Board with respect to Covid-19.