New poster..Sea Shells of the Northern sea of Cortes.


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Naomi has been busy. 1st the seashell museum and now the first ever comprehensive catalog of the seashells of the northern sea of Cortez. The lady that wrote the tide walkers guide to the sea of Cortez (available at CEDO and the SeaShell museum) gave this poster 2 thumbs up. It is a fantastic well thought out well displayed and incredibly photographed piece of original art. It is a piece unique in its art. It can be shipped or picked up at the Mermaids Market 1st and 3rd Saturdays in Shrimp Park. It measures 24x36 inches



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Edge-to-edge sharpness in a close-up photograph that wide is a challenge. I'll have to see it in person next time we're down. We enjoyed visiting the sea shell museum last May and chatting with Naomi.