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Season 115, Episode 10
Puerto Penasco Three-Run Homer
Former two-time Major League All-Star Shea Hillenbrand is moving his foundation that teaches kids vital team-building skills to his favorite vacation spot of Puerto Penasco, Mexico. A vacation home on the beach will give him and his wife a home base and allow them to spend time with their kids while giving back to the local community. His major-league success makes him want to go big, however, and he's willing to break the budget for the right place. She, on the other hand, has a finance background so she's keenly aware of just how much money they can afford on a second home. It's a struggle that'll keep each of them swinging for the tie-breaking run.

Nov 23
10:30pm | 9:30c
Nov 24
1:30am | 12:30c


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Enjoyed the episode. Anybody notice the ATV rollover (right side of the screen) at the 19 minute mark?

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