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Hello all,

I'm Braden Black, I live in Puerto Penasco full-time. I'm 17 years old. I work as a Marketing Agent and Digital Designer. I have been doing Graphics Design for 4 years and I also have interests in Professional Photography.

I'm new to these forums and I'd just like to introduce myself, so hello to all.

If anyone would like more info about me please chat me, Facebook me, inbox me, whatever you want. Always available.

Thanks to all,
Braden Black



Design & Marketing Gringo
Yes actually I'm his son haha. But I'm here on forums solely for my own purpose of probably doing some writing like small guides and stuff like that, as well as seeing whats going on in Penasco. I moved down here with my parents 4 years ago when they decided to move here instead of just vacation here. Since I've been down here I've been able to participate in some cool things, I rented Kayaks on the beach for Tammy and Roland Mondragon, I wrote web content for many of the first dynamic RP websites, I've done photography of Cervantino, Semana Santa, Altares, and other events in Penasco, and I've had the priviledge of designing the poster you may see around town advertising the radio show on Saturday hosted by Rosie and my dad Russ. Among other things I'm now working in an office here locally doing inhouse designs and marketing. I also teach Photoshop lessons on the weekends if anyone is interested in something along those lines :)

And that's pretty much all there is to know about me! haha


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Branden you are in a good spot man! Maybe start mapping the coastal highway as it guide with milepost info and gps would be a fun project that might make a buck or two.


you sound pretty busy for a young person!! just make sure that every now and then you stop to enjoy the sunset in front of you for more than just a minute!