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Just joined this site. Used to ocean kayak fish in northern Calif. Recently moved to Arizona and heard about fishing opportunities at Puerto Penasco. Anxious to try it there. Is there a strong kayak fishing sub-group connected to this site? Any other members launching from Cholla or Tuscon Beach or elsewhere in the next couple of weeks? Advice appreciated.


I'm new to the subject myself. I did get great advice from MexicoJoe I'll try to find it and paste it here


I bumped up the thread called "kayaks under a grand" good tips in there. As far as groups I'm not to sure. But I would be down to have a buddy system of sorts while out there. Granted I'm not there as often as I'd like to be

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Sorry for the computer glitch.
As said Tuscon beach is closed
I do not know of any group except a Fly fishing club from Phoenix that comes down a couple of times a Winter.
I come down about Nov 1 and stay until the end of March or April. I fish off an inflatable, 10 ft., and another inflatable that has a 3.5 hp Gas eng.
This is also 10 ft with a similar design, I would like to have company. I also have a trailer to put our stuff on and we can go down to the second estuary. We stay in Plya Del Oro space # 50. I have fished this area for a number of years so I may be of help to you if you need any. Feel free to contact me at this thread or my
E-m [email protected]