Our friend, Lady Jeeper.


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Sep 1, 2011

I was at J.J's, must have been before 1980 as I still had my tumbledown shack in Choya...That's all a college girl could afford! LOL! It was barely habitable. Big tank of water on the roof, the burro truck brought water. Gravity shower, toilet flushed with a chain. Propane fridge. A different family of mice lived everywhere, in and out on the porch. What did we care, we were partying college kids. We were standing at the very back of J'J's along the beach wall of the bar, before they put in all those tables and stuff. The music was playing and we were all having a good time until some guy came out on the patio and shot the unknown guy next to me. I had a couple of friends with me that had never been there before and they were horrified, as was I. I just said, jump down to the beach and over the wall we went. We ran...I'm sorry to say but I checked and the guy lived and the gunman went to jail....I do not know why he was shot.....I could never find out, not even with my connections.


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I miss Lady Jeeper and her posts. She entertained us for years here on the forum. She loved eating fresh tortillas with a stick of butter on Sinaloa next to the ice/water store. I’m sure she is looking down on us from the heavens wishing us all the best. We wish you the best as well Lady Jeeper. May God be with you.

Thank you Kenny for this post.


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I remember back when i would just scan the forum reading posts from Lady Jeeper and all the rest. They always made me want to get back down to PP and just enjoy the good times. I hope those days are coming again soon!

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I miss her, too. I get a big lump in my throat every time I think of her - which is often. She was such a unique and beautiful person in every possible way, filled with generosity and kindness - and she never ran out of stories to tell or concern for her friends and family - or the occasional sharp elbows when she thought someone was acting stupidly. Lol.

At the risk of repeating myself from a prior post, I will always remember her best by something she mentioned in a conversation we had a few months before she passed. To me, this is the quintessential Chari:

"I can swear in 2 languages
i remember seeing Canyon de Chelly. I leaned on the railing and cried
We got to go on a guided Jeep tour in our Jeeps. It was spiritual"

I hope she knew how loved she was by her many friends.

Sigh. Rest in peace, Cinnamon Girl. I hope you're tearin' up the back roads somewhere in Heaven and havin' the time of your- er - um - hmmm a great ol' time!

(Thanks, Kenny, for remembering her)
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