Pickle Ball

Terry C

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There are two places, I know one is behind the fire station on Fremont Blvd . Heading East turn right on first street past the fire station. Go down two blocks and turn right and look for the large covered area. Basketball and Pickle Ball covered.
I'll try to get directions from the wife on the other one


I believe the other one is at a place called Luis Encinas El Callito Park. On Calle Luis Encinas south of Calle No Reeleccion. 3 courts. Din't see any nets but imagine people bring them with them . Benito Juarez, coming into town. Hang a right on Calle No Reeleccion, over the railroad tracks. At OXOX store on the corner, turn left on Calle Luis Encinas. About 150 yards on the right.
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There were people there last Saturday. In either case. All you need is a net, paddles and balls. We left our net north of the border. We'll bring it with us next time.