Pirates and Mermaids 2021


Lovin it in RP!
Naomi and I are excited to announce that the 2021 edition of the Pirates and Mermaids party is on!

When: Saturday May 29th 2021
Where: The Shrimp Park Plaza on Main St (Benito Juarez) and Blvd Freemont
What Time: Opens at 10 am and goes until 3 Pm
Cost: Free to the public

The party has been a yearly end of season event for our Mermaids Market. It was cancelled last year due to C-19. This year we are bringing back Live Music by Peñasco favorites "Los Ponchos" and their brand of great covers from the past. We also have joining us a group of younger people who have a drumming and dance troupe called "Afrika Duste", their energy will amaze you.

Food by Jesus and crew from Rocky Point BBQ house and Banana wrapped Tamales by Linda and Javier (town faves)

Drinks by Sweet Naomi at the Mermaids lounge. She is brewing up her famous Mermaid Margaritas and a special batch of Hurricanes for this event, plus we have Ice cold beer from the Moctezuma group which brews Tecate as well as Dos Equis and of course Heineken and about 6 other brands. Lots of great giveaways throughout the day too! Dress like a pirate or mermaid and win some booty!

If you are coming for the Memorial day weekend you won't want to miss this event! If you weren't planning on coming....you still have time to gas the buggy up and head down! Hopefully see you here Saturday!

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Lovin it in RP!
We had a blast, all these adults acting like little kids! It was a great day!


Maybe just maybe we will see you next year!