Pirates and Mermaids Extravaganza 2019


Lovin it in RP!
Greetings, it is that time of year again. It is the seasons end of the Mermaids Market.

It means we are ready for the Pirates and Mermaids Extravaganza this coming Saturday April 6th.
A party straight out of New Orleans.

Live music by Los Ponchos (a great group from Hermosillo)
Live music by the Puerto Peñasco Marching band
Dance demonstrations by Pualani dance group
Pirate and Mermaid costume contest with cash prizes (adult and kid)
Mermaid Lounge serving Beer Margs and Hurricanes
Cajun food by Satisfied Frog
World class BBQ by Rocky Point BBQ House

Hope to see you Saturday!

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Lovin it in RP!
For those who refuse to go on FaceBook I thought I would share this with you here to explain what DIF is and how it is a part of the Mermaids Market.

Mermaids help support DIF Peñasco

As we come up to our last Mermaids Market for the season, April 6th 2019, I thought I would write a little about why we think this little market is so important.
From the 3rd week of October to the 1st week of April a small but vibrant group of artist join forces in the cities central park, Plaza del Camaronero (shrimpers plaza). The idea 7 years ago was to have a community place where art could be displayed and demonstrated and available to any who desired to come to the park. It has turned into a must do activity for those Saturdays when it is on. The market has grown both in the number of regularly attending artist as well as the number of people who make it a point to shop for their one of a kind gifts there. In the last few years we added the bar “Mermaids Lounge” which serves up cold beer and the famous Mermaid Margaritas and Bloody Marias, it has been a huge hit!
At every event each artist pays a small cooperation fee to be there, this fee is used for a variety of things but the most important is the donation to DIF Peñasco. What is DIF?
The first lady of Peñasco Linda Pivac de Munro wrote me a message that really clarifies what this organization does in the community. She explains that DIF is the “Face” of social programs in local Government in Mexico. Her focus for DIF Peñasco has always been centered around education but other things are also included. DIF program has a student house in the city of Mexicali where 10 students from Puerto Peñasco are able to live rent free while attending college there. There are 257 students in the DIF Scholarship program here in Peñasco. Those are great things but I was really impressed that DIF feeds 5567 preschool kids every morning before school, they have a food stamp program for 1266 families monthly, They fund sports tournaments and diversity classes for the local retired community, they deliver food to 32 elderly people that have no other family, they help cover medical expenses for 207 people.......etc. As you can see they are a busy program.
DIF receives a huge financial boost with its Black and White Gala each November which donates 100% of proceeds to DIF for ongoing expenses. They also receive donations from local businesses and communities.
The Mermaids Market has been donating to the DIF program for the past 7 years. It is not huge amounts but it does help we are told. 2017-2018 Mermaids donated more than 14,000 pesos to DIF and this year we are on track to reach more than 17,000 pesos for DIF. It is truly a community working together.
Join us this Saturday at the Shrimp Park for our season ending “Pirates and Mermaids Extravaganza” there will be costume contest, live music by Los Ponchos and the Peñasco city Marching band, local dance group Paulini dancers will demonstrate their style to us....all in all it is a great way to enjoy our wonderful spring weather in the beauty of our newly remodeled downtown park!

See you in the park! www.mermaidsmarket.com