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I have been going to the beach at Playa Bonita, eating breakfast and/or dinner and going to happy hour for 30 years. This past week, September 6th I went to the beach with my daughter and grand daughter and was told I could not be at THEIR beach unless I was a registered guest at THEIR hotel, and they would call the police if I went onto THEIR beach. Just wanted to pass this info on. I, for one, will never go there again and I will never recommend anyone to stay there or eat there or drink there.


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Ron66, Thanks for the update.
Sad if it's a continuing thing. Like you, for years we would go have a couple of appetizers and a couple of drinks and let our 4 kids go exploring on the beach.
Sure hope it isn't an ongoing thing, It's really not their beach and how could they enforce it during really busy weekends, especially Semana Santa.
When we go next trip down I'll have to see if it's still being enforced.


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Reading the initial post I guess my question is....did you park in their lot?
I think that is it. They cannot keep you off the beach but can prevent you from parking on or passing over their private property adjacent to the beach . Cannot really blame them what with the rude behavior of some the visitors. The beach there is the most popular for visitors and parking is a problem all along there.


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I used to hang out there while my kids went on banana boat rides. Then we would all order something, sitting on the outdoor patio. Sorry to hear that may be stopped!


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I park in their lot and go to their bar and order a drink they they make, I then walk to the beach with my wife and enjoy a walk and then return to their bar for one more before I go home. I am not carrying a ice chest or beach towels or umbrella or anything else and I have never been hassled. I got turned around at the guard gate a few days ago because it was 630 in the morning and nothing inside the property opens until 800. I said I just wanted to walk the beach and they said there is no access until 8 unless you are a registered guest. I found another beach to walk. The Palacios own everything from the entry gate to the Federal Zone. They have a need to protect their guest from interlopers and they do a great job of that. In that case you have to cross private property to gain close access to the beach in front of their hotel and restaurant. They have a right to limit that traffic. If you want to access that beach park at the ramp by what we call the Mexican beach access and walk down, no restrictions there. A bit of a walk that's all.


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Dividing the lot into guest parking, restaurant parking and beach parking ( 200 pesos) might be a money maker