Potholes, Aldunas, Kidnapping ,Hunting and New Marathon gas station east of Why


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Good old insomnia !
So drove down and know a few things :
The new Marathon/subway 15 miles east of Why is great….super facility

The Mexican Nation Guard now runs the Aldunas customs check south of the Mayan on the way to Puerto Lobos.It seems about the same but way more inspection.

The pot hole situation is under control and only one red spray painted big one by the Mayan

The Mayor of Caborca’ body guard was assassinated yesterday and threat banners were up.On the other hand the Coastal area is safer than it has been in years since marijuana smuggling isnt as much of the business plan.Even the fish camps are felling less pressure.

Met a old mexican rancher with a huge isolated property east of ejido Juan Alvarez that hosts Borrego cimarrón hunters.I have the number if you are interested and dont want to deal with an outfitter.He was eating agua chili at La Cinta….good as usual

some kind of gas issue going on in the south. 12 cars lined up at each pump in Y Griega

shore fishing tomorrow…will report