puerto lobos new beachhouse for sale on beach

up for sale new beach house for sale on the beach front property. never even slept in yet everything you see in photos comes with the house and is all brand new. also has 3 sheds outside full of electrical, plumbing, nuts, bolts and lots of other items also. price for everything is 115,000 I live in phoenix and can be reached by email [email protected]. property can be shown to you by my local friend who lives there.


80 to 90 miles south of Rocky point if you were in rocky point you would take the coastal highway towards ST Thomas then keep going about 30 minutes to Puerto lobos. I really only wanted to sell half at first and still would do that but if someone wanted everything I would do that also. I had a partner that I worked with for 27 years and we were going to do this together build the house but he is not moving back to AZ now he is in New Hampshire . I did not need the house only for 6 to eight times a year so anyway that is where I am at right now. This is a small fishing community much more private and secluded then Rocky point . I would be willing to partner with right person.
property is thru a notary and we bought this from our fiend that owned the property since 2006 and the property has been surveyed . power is to property already. boat launching is done by my neighbor there is room for a boat on the property also. I have many friends in Puerto lobos and would help anyone with the paperwork we can do the paperwork anyway you want. thanks Chris
two bedrooms both with remote fans and remote ac units. full closets. each bedroom is 12 x 13 nice size . house is about 950 square feet. also has water heater for hot water and a electric pump for better water pressure. everything is new stove has not been used fridge is new also comes with new silver ware and new pots and pans new dishes all never used.
I think if you look at the house that would be the first thing we can do anything we want to put it into a trust if that is what you want to do. our paperwork is legitimate and our friend who held dual passport owned the property for 14 or 15 years. best to look and even see if you like it, I think its not like Rocky point and it is a great fishing place . I have been coming down here for over 25 years and have many friends who live there and visit . I will still be coming down that is why I was considering a partner instead of selling the entire property.


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If you do not have a Fideicommiso what paperwork , thru a Notary, are you referring to? A Mexican Title? My understanding is that you have to have one or the other in your name to show you own the property and can sell it.
Anyone truly interested in the house is welcome to come down and look at it. I have a friend that lives there that can show you the property most of my friends have been coming to lobos for over 45 years so we know a lot of the locals and have many friends. There have been questions about the paperwork and I can tell you that I did not put in a trust but do have all the proper paperwork. If you decide to spend the money to put in a trust I can help you with this . I did not build this house with any intent of making money but my partner was suppose to provide half the funds and did not so I now own the house by myself. In any case I cant use it as much as I would like for many reasons but I am looking for someone who would like 1/3 or 1/2 ownership. I have been told by my friends I am a bit of a clean freak I do like things clean so if this is not appealing to you then might not be for you. I would also sell the entire house to a serious buyer cash talks. thanks for looking Chris


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People on our forum are always suspicious of properties for sale if they are not finished or not held in a Fideicomiso, aka a Mexico Bank Trust. We have seen and heard of many instances where a prospective buyer loses their money due to one or both of these issues. It has been going on for years with no end in sight. In your case it appears your property’s title is legitimate and obviously the home is finished, but a bank trust is golden and without it there is no guarantee. I like your idea of finding a couple of partners to buy a share of the home. I am involved with a similar situation and it has worked very well for many years. In our case we created an Arizona LLC and applied for and obtained a Fideicomiso for the the home showing it being owned by the LLC. The Operating Agreement of the LLC details owners of the home, percents of ownership, rights of usage, day to day management of the home, etc. The Fideicomiso also lists Members of the LLC, so all completely legal and transparent. If a share of ownership is sold, the LLC AND Fideicomiso are amended and applicable fees, capital gain taxes, etc, are dispersed at close of escrow. The LLC and Fideicomiso remain and life goes on. Just my two cents, good luck with your home.
Thank you for your input I may just put in a bank trust not sure yet. would like to do something simple of course as I am getting older and want to enjoy it and fish a little. I may be willing to just give my share to the right partner like I said its not all about money for me. thanks much Chris

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I find it interesting that questions are asked about the paper and it's not been answered what type of paper? Is there a Mexican National involved in it?
Terry , just do not want to waste my time with people that do not have anything to do but find something wrong . I am a retired American that bought this property from a friend that has been going to lobos for forty five years. I am not trying to hide anything but if your serious we can talk about the paperwork if you want it in a trust we can do that . trust is 455 dollars a year That is what my friend currently pays . if that's what someone wants because that makes them feel comfortable then we can work that out . I can reduce the price to accommodate any funds that might be spent to make the current paperwork to your liking. I actually do not want to sell the entire property just lost my partner and realize I am getting older and will not be able o come down as much as I would like. This is a great deal for someone who wants a new place for a small amount of money a 1/3 ownership will be 35,000 I can only come down 5 or 6 times a year . 1/2 ownership would be 50,000 . All my other friends that have homes in lobos . The paperwork was done in Caborca at the notary with attorney making up current documents. When I got back to phoenix I had all the documents translated to English by a group out of California called the Spanish group so I could better understand verbiage. Hope this helps a little there are many ways to do the paperwork in Mexico and I know of most of them just do not want to keep explaining myself to non buyers. Thanks to those that have interest. Chris


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"people that do not have anything to do but find something wrong"
You may not want to waste your time but it may mean someone is wasting their money. Not at all reasonable to expect to say whatever you please and have everyone believe it. Sounds like your less than truthfull national leader senor Trump

. "Hope this helps a little there are many ways to do the paperwork in Mexico and I know of most of them"
Lots of ways to do paperwork but many are not legal. It sounds to me that you have a Mexican "Trusted Friend" who hold a title on the property. This was common in the past before a Bank Trust was available for non nationals to 'own' land near the coast or border.. It is a method some still use to avoid the cost of a bank trust, maybe $5,000 to $8,000 USD. This is not legal according to Mexican law. An Abogado can draw up a sales agreement but only a Notary can effectuate a legal transfer of ownership whether it be via a Mexican Title or a Bank Trust. If you already are familiar with all the kinds of Mexican paperwork you already are aware of that. Even a fractional ownership based on a private contract with no bank trust in place between two non nationals means almost nothing. Without a Bank Trust or Title in the sellers name there cannot be a legal sale.

Don't feel too bad. You are not the only one with this problem. Lots of people thought they could outsmart the Mexican system and lost.

So, is your 'paperwork' a Mexican title or a Bank trust??? Are you willing to absorb the cost of a Bank trust to make the sale to a non national ?
Roberto, thank you for your knowledge not really interested in politics or my honesty being questioned but I do understand what you are saying . we had a transfer of title from our dual citizenship friend. That was done by notary in Caborca. I actually would be willing to pay the money for the trust and may do that . I know everyone is scared to buy property and for me this is a small amount of money to pay actually. As to your question of absorbing cost if someone wants to buy it and that is what you want then we could negotiate all that in the price. my question to you is are you a buyer or have interest .? That is what I meant when I said wasting time I know that sounds bad but my time is worth something also so I want interested people not tire kickers. You know what I mean on that you are very knowledgeable on the real estate I can see that. Thanks again for your input.


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Sorry but I got out of buying and selling real estate in Mexico some time ago. From my experiences I have a continuing interest in how things go here in Mexico. I was curious about how you obtained ownership. Your description did not coincide with my experiences and I thought initially that there was something about which I am not familiar regarding transfer of real estate in Mexico. Things do change and it's good to know whats changing. Your description of how you claim ownership was vague which increased my curiosity. I talked to an abogado friend who works for a Notario out of Caborca. He reported to me that nothing has significantly change regarding transfer of real estate ownership. He said they do draw up sales contracts for real estate but that does not effectuate a transfer of ownership. It is merely an agreement between two parties to sell the property. Contracts can and he said should be registered at the Registry as it makes the contract enforceable but it its still a contract and not a transfer of ownership. . One change is that funds from a sale must be delivered directly from the buyer to the seller as named on the title at the registry, and not through any other party, realtor or abogado or friend. This a good change to prevent fraudulent sales and theft of funds designated to pay costs.
There has always been some interest in property down there, So good luck with your sale.