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Do you possibly know how much it would cost here to put up a 45x45 ft 6 foot block wall with a arch for a gate? And do you have any recommendations on who is the best and most reliable to conquer this and approximately how long the job will take? We have been here 3 years in a rv now we are just buying our first house and its a fixer upper
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Hey Russ, Remember two years ago when I contacted about the same thing.
Yeah I do, not sure what happened...I was actively building my house at the time... did you get it built?

ON EDIT... I told Naomi that I forgot to get ahold of you and it bothered me...... how could I forget?...she kindly reminded me that that was the year I fell off my roof on my house and wound up in the emergency room for a while, I think it was in April 2019 and I was in bed and rehab for just over 3 months....and on pain meds...basically got nothing done that year, then after my tour season was over in March of 2020 we had to go into lockdown and I didn't even leave the house for a while during that except for groceries. We couldn't even go to the beach until August 8th, it was a nightmare. So basically I have been in quarantine for almost 2 years. Sorry you got caught in the middle of that. So much of it is a blur. We are actually getting out of town soon for the first time since February 2020. We have a new grand daughter coming any day and we have to go up North despite anything or my wife will lock me out.

Sorry, restrictions locally are easing, we are getting everything back to normal and hope to be working on house #3 this summer!
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No worries Russ, just bustn' your chops a little. Never got it built, just wanted to get an idea of pricing and your opinions on the lay out. We are however are looking at some demo and remodel work on the house. I'll contact you again once we're ready to move forward with that. Glad to hear you mended up well, and things are getting back to normal.


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All block walls are not equal. If you are using the wall to retain any dirt/sand be sure enough steel is used.