quitobaquito fig trees


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You can buy them at the nursery at Saint Mary's road and I 10 in Tucson...amazing chance to keep Kino's figs and grapes alive! QUITOBAQUITO FIG TREES, nice and full 5 gallon for only $41.95 (usually sold for $50, but not here) 16th Century Figs from the Jesuits. If you have gone to Rocky Point you came near to Quitobaquito Springs, 20 or so miles West of the Border Crossing in the U.S. This pond exists because a spring pours out of the dunes and is so cool. The border fence is right there! The originals are all dead and gone now. Thanks to the cuttings taken in the 1980s we now have them for you.
2. ORO BLANCO FIG TREE, nice and full 5 gallon pot for $41.95. These were "rediscovered" in Tucson's barrios. The Church would give parishioners cuttings and those cuttings became the trees that still exist in the barrios. Nice, tasty figs. Old School, for sure.
3. CAPITAL REEF and MISSION GRAPES are heritage grapes used extensively by the Jesuit and Franciscan priests. The Mission Grapes were used to make a golden yellow wine. Only $15 per bargain heritage grape plant.