Refrigerator in RP


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I hate to sound like a newbie but I rarely go to town. Can you tell me if it is possible to purchase a new nice, modern, stainless refrigerator in RP? I could bring one down, pay the impuestos and get by but I would rather purchase it in RP if possible.

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Sam's usually has a few. Also Muebles Coloniales near Ley's on Constitution has a nice selection of 'American' fridges.
Got a nice stainless steel Samsung from Sam's a couple years ago. Free delivery.


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Got a stainless GE from Muebles Coloniales about a year ago. Better priced than at Sam's -- at least back then. (One block before Benito Juarez on Constitution. Same street as Super Ley but 5 -6 blocks south of it.


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All of the above. We bought a refrigerator from Muebles Coloniales and were very happy with the service, price and product.