Restaurants by the lighthouse?


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El Capitan is a good one, but we used to have another choice. The Lighthouse closed or was sold and renamed something about vino and pan, and the new one did not receive good reviews and had folded when we were down there a year ago. Has it re-opened under a new name and management? And if there's a new one, what do people think of it?


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There are two more or less separate restaurants both owned and operated by Luca. . Panne & Vino relocated to lower level there some time ago from the location on Benito Juarez at the crucero, and changed the name to Fish. It was not a successful formula for Penasco. Expensive and Fu Fu French style. Owner, Luca, reopened the upper level as Panne e Vino and eventually closed and renamed the lower level. It's more like Panne e Vino. Luca is an excellent chef. The building is owned by the Noreiga family. Pino, Rafael, has had a group playing latin jazz and the lower level was operated by his brother who has the reputation of being the best sax player in Mexico. As far as I know, neither has anything to do with day to day operation anymore. Pino ran the upper level and tried a small Jazz club unsuccessfully. The upper level was the most romantic restaurant in Penasco when Pino ran it. Lower level has or had a huge dance floor and stage. Both have fantastic views. Try the upper level. The food is good if it is still the same as the old Panne e Vino.