'Reverse' Shipping address needed


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Hi Everyone

Great forum you got here. Love reading through it!
We are a foreign couple that is full time travelling - currently through the southern USA. We also Plan to visit the Puerto Peñasco area.

Now to the question:
We need to order somethings in Mexico that can only be delivered to Mexico. The thing is that the delivery time is something between 2 and 4 weeks, but we can (long story) only be in the area for a couple days... so we are in need of an Mexican company / address / person where we can ship the items to and then collect it when passing by.
What I understood is, that most people need things from the US delivered to Mexico and use services like Burrito Express or the service from 'Isa'

Does somebody know somebody who can help out here or can share Isa's contact (preferably WhatsApp or Email) with me so that I can ask her? From what I read she is a trustworthy person.

Thank you all in advance for any help and or recommendations!