Road coming in to RP


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Im still asking myself, why would you rip the road up and construct a bridge or high road coming into RP.

Does anyone know the answer to this?


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That poorly designed intersection has been the scene of numerous bad and some fatal accidents.

Terry C

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They had flashing red and yellow lights but they got ran over a long time ago at the round about and replaced a few more times. The speed bumps heading west to the main hwy. didn't work because people would drive around them at 80 mph and THEN try to make the corner to head North. Some only made it to skid heading West to the other intersection.
Terry, aka, looks at skid marks and says, how in the hell did that happen!


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Crazy drivers, distracted drivers, driving under the influence, or all of the above in some crazy combination........kills.
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I thought the flow of traffic going north-south go over the bridge & traffic going east-west under the bridge with exits for people turning!
From what I saw a week ago, that's what apparently is being done -- north/south continues over the bridge; east/west goes under.