Rocky Point Rally 2011


Design & Marketing Gringo
Hey everyone,

Are you ready for the Rocky Point Rally 2011???

Let's discuss plans/groups/anything else for the rally here!

First off, some information about this years rally.

This will be the 11th annual Rocky Point Rally in our town of Rocky Point! As being a part of some of the planning of this event I can personally say that this year seems to be much better planned out and will be much better organized, they really know what they're doing this year!

We're going the extra step for each of the events to make them really stand out and be memorable. There's some surprises that won't be released yet, but as the date approaches we will be releasing info about the specific events and prices and so on.

The official dates for the Rocky Point Rally 2011 are NOVEMBER 10th-13th so mark your calenders and get ready! It's going to be big this year.

If you'd like to keep up-to-date on the specifics, see photos, news, and more exclusive stuff about the rally as the date approaches, go ahead and LIKE the Facebook page for the Rocky Point Rally. It can be found here: FACEBOOK: ROCKY POINT RALLY.