RV rookie needs your help

Howdy all,

My wife and I are Arizona natives and I've been traveling to RP since I was in diapers. We just began discussing and researching the option of permanently storing an RV down there so I am looking for any helpful advice possible. Travel trailer vs 5th wheel? Aluminum vs wood frame? Fiberglass vs aluminum siding? Is one construction type better than another in that climate with the moisture and humidity? Anyone know how I can find units for sale down there instead of having to tow from Phoenix? It's just my wife and our 5 month old so we don't need a 40 footer but the wife prefers the 5th wheels after looking at them in person. Thanks in advance!


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Any RV that you bring down and store has about a 5 year life expectancy. Try to keep away from anything with slides. We kept a 1988 30' travel trailer at Playa de Oro for a couple of years. Before we bought our condo down there we kept our 2008 toy hauler for 4 months and all the latches got destroyed by the salt.