Santo Tomas pictures


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Well it's nice when you are down on a "work on the damn house" trip by yourself and a Mexican friend brings you over supper...... FB_IMG_1524280989298-284x160.jpg IMG_20180420_182922942_HDR-640x480.jpg
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Sweet moat! But why?
Oh brother , I hope they actually finish it.The plan is a lazy river leading to a pool with a neg edge.They are building in hou
se but dozer broke...hired four extra guys with shovels...then they plan to knock down the old beach club that is about to be a global warming casualty...hope it works! PSX_20180422_165228-640x480.jpg PSX_20180422_165228-640x480.jpg

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How nice! Attractive too!

Those old used ore hauler tires just give it the ambience of romantico Olde Me-He-Ko. The broken slabs of olde concreto just add to the un-pleasant-ness.

I can see that the Juancitos have taken residence on the embankment. Maybe some Burrowing Owls and Fishing Bats as well. Better call the Mezzican Tree huggers to make sure no one is going to protest.

Might be a good set for the next Mad Max sequel: "Olde Max Gone Mex".



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Whale shark. I heard they've been around Lobos lately. Plant eaters that don't attack people. I understand that swimming with the whale sharks is a popular tourist activity in the Carribean.