Sea Shepherd Ship shot at.


When I was young (in my 20's) I did research on dolphins and their language capabilities, so I have a greater than typical affinity for them. It saddens me to say that the vaquita will not exist for much longer. I so appreciate and applaud the efforts being taken to try and save them, but unless there is some sort of divine intervention the best that can be hoped for is that the few that are remaining will survive a little longer :( As a side note, it looks like those water cannons could sink a panga.


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You are good at 'sniping'. Jumping up making little politically inspired comments like Whipping Post for Washington Post but hopping up and down mad when someone has something to say that you consider political. Maybe you do not see it that way. What is the the point of the "Whipping Post" comment?? Seems to me it's the sort of thing your President is good at. Inspiring giggles but no discussion.


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What I think is quite funny is that for you, everything is political in some fashion. You guys get so fired up, and get your panties in a wad, and get so offended and have to be your brothers keeper for everything.

And now you are standing up for the Washington post? Accusing me of politicizing a thread on the extinction of a porpoise?

To answer your question, The reason I said whipping post was because you have to pay to see the stinking article. It was just something quickly that came to my mind.

So, I still don’t understand your political angle?

I am truly sorry if I accidentally offended you while using a different name for a publication that you obviously have great affinity for.

You sure are a funny guy, Bob !
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Sorry if I am incorrect but, "Whipping Post" , came from Trump when complaining about the press and calling the FBI a bunch of crooks. Of course you prolly had not heard about that.

OK I'm done with this topic.