Several recent restaurant visits.


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Went down on the 5/28 and left on the 6/3. We hit La Curva 3 times for breakfast, Capone's 2 times for dinner, Max's for a late lunch, Brian's for a late lunch, Satisifed Frog early dinner, Combo Taco 2 times for lunch, JJ's lunch, Reggie's for donuts and burritos twice, Latitude for a late lunch, tamale gal on Manuel Hidalgo, AKA Calle 13, and Panaderia Cornejo a couple streets north of her. Not a bad experience from any of them. I was kinda shocked by how much fish/seafood you get from Combo Taco, couldn't even hardly add any toppings and be able to eat it like a taco.

Had a great trip. Water and weather was awesome. Beer was good

Wife and I are going back down 6/16 for a little romantic weekend interlude, no kids. Lol.


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Sent 4 days in Penasco for 4 day with me 10 lb dog, Raffie. Went to Lucky"s but they do not allow dogs. I am okay with that and will go there when I do not have him. Ended up Senior Amigos. They take dogs and it is shady. Jack had a shrimp taco salad and said it was great. I had the Mexican plate and I could have made 3 meals out of it. I am rented all month so I can't go back until mid Aug.