Sewer Lakes In Mirador Area


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Yes, El Mirador, home to Manny's and the Mayor's home. There is no doubt he has smelled the problem.

The area, particulary on Colima Street, has always had low spots that accumulated rainwater quite easily, but until a few years ago that's all it was.

Things supposedly changed a few years ago when a sewage lift station was installed. Sewer lakes, albeit minor, had become common. Locals made the City Water and Sewer Dept well aware of the problem. The present Mayor was the the director of City Water and Sewer until recently, and he was directly contacted many times about the problem.

It has failed on every significant weekend and every significant rain.

The rain Dec 31/21 was a SUPER major rain and the the sewer lake was the biggest ever. People with lakefront homes got 16 inches of raw sewage in their homes. Sewage from manholes 1-2 blocks away were flowing onto Colima as late as yesterday. The street was barricaded on both north and south shores of the lake until this morning. Today through passage is not possible, but locals can get to their homes if they don't mind driving through badly contaminated mud with a horrendous smell.

By way of interest, this area is filled with families with loads of small kids who walk barefoot 9 months of the year. Family dogs with collars were seen lapping it today, and the smell would gag a maggot!


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Reminds me of the Calle 13 sewage overflow. Once it dried up, everyone was eating that dust in their tacos.

I ate, anything that doesn't kill me only makes me stronger, as gross as it might be.