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  • Cleared browser & cookies, still having the same problem. I'll have my I.T. guy take a look and see what he thinks. If the other member figures it out let me know. thanks again.
    Stuart, Bob Oso here. Can you please advise me on what I may be doing wrong? I can navigate the site fine but I can't post on a thread, yet I can leave this message. thanks...
    Stuart...I am wondering if you can give me the contact information for a reputable outfit to do a half day fishing trip with out of RP?
    Good morning Stuart, I was wondering if you can re-instate my Rocky Point Rides account? thanks
    Hi Stuart. How do I go about changing my user name? It is now cactusjack which is too similar to Cactus Jack. I don't want others mistaking my views for his and visa versa.
    Stuart I hope you do win the radio contest... but didn't you say you wouldn't get in the water after seeing a great white at the island? and besides you've got a beautiful boat and you're a great fisherman so I may be asking you for a prize donation someday...
    New poster here. the glyph and WWRD caught my eye. love it
    Here's to life amigo!
    Stuart.....I started a new thread last night and it hasn't been posted. Did I do something wrong?
    Hi Stuart, I was looking at the new post from Leenie, the rental in advertising and there is a section on their web site that's called "TRADE" and one of the things that they are looking for is Premium tequila. I remember you listing all the Tequila you had, and the fact that you were looking to sell some of it..Just a thought.

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