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    US May Ban All Wildlife Imports From MX To Protect Vaquita

    Sheryl Story was her name and the house had been their family for many years
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    "Chocolate" car regularization program

    Don't have a direct answer, but I see Sonora plates on the regular here in PHX, so there must be some sort of visa/program in place for tourists from Mexico with Mex plates. Not uncommon to see them coming up 85 from Lukeville, either.
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    Safe Marina?

    Anywhere in Penasco! Whale Hill is only storage, no marina. If you haven't been there for an extreme tide, you have no idea. Cholla Bay completely empties out. The shrimp boats in the harbor bottom out and lay on their sides. When it comes back in, it often floods the road coming into Cholla...
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    Safe Marina?

    Cholla Bay radio (channel 26) has been down for years now. Army took it down because the cartels were using it. You might (might) be able to raise somebody on 16, but don't count on it. Your best bet is a cellphone. Get the cell number of one of the guys at Safe Marina or a friend in the area...
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    Safe Marina?

    Used them for many years. They charge by the foot (length of boat on trailer). I would often store there overnight or for the weekend, but is cheaper to store at Whale Hill if you're going to leave the boat down there long term. Short haul to Safe Marina. Guys there are the best. Launching at...
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    Recommendation for an honest realtor?

    The dental threads were cleaned out as spam.
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    Danger really really bad in Caborca and the coast

    Whole lot of "spray and pray" going on, fer sure! I give not one shit about these idiots killing each other, but it's truly sad when innocents like the grandfather get caught in the middle of it all.
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    Shock and loss.

    Just anudder Cheez Burger in Paradise. The Black Dog used to be the watering hole of choice for the older crowd that really had nothing to do but drink. Russ was not one of those. But Roberto kinda was. He was a fixture there. It does happen a lot to timeshare salesman and grifters as they...
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    Shock and loss.

    My reflections on this and other long time members of this forum (LadyJeeper, Roberto, and others that don't immediately come to mind because I'm old) are about how positive they were about RP and life in general. All are missed. I'm drinking tequila tonight in their honor. Straight shots...
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    Shock and loss.

    Very, very sad news.
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    Trouble in Mexico.

    They indeed do. Hooked up on one myself several years ago. We were fishing out of a panga at the time. One of the reasons (besides aggressive sea lions) to stay in the boat at the island.
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    Trouble in Mexico.

    Although I've guzzled countless cervezas at JJ's over the many years, never ate there and likely still wouldn't.
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    Trouble in Mexico.

    The Bella Sirena might beg to differ on THAT statement!
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    ROBBED.............. in broad daylight in front of hundreds

    Dumbass. I'm 100% sure your FOB, like my F250 FOB completely disconnects the key ring from the FOB itself, along with the key that allows you to lock the console, the glove boxes and the back seat. Which I do anytime I have my truck washed here in the States. Let alone Mehico. Still, sorry...
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    Lost at Sea … Any updates ?

    I wouldn't do it. Too far. And depending on where you are, the current freaking rips between the island and the mainland. Consider Lobos instead. There are plenty of protected areas just south of where they launch that we've wailed on some nice size yellowtail. Almost like a big cove-type area...