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  • I posted about my Girl Scout troop.adopting a 6 th grade class and setting up a pen pal program. We down at fall and would like to visit a classroom. I was toldyo contact uou
    Hey Markos, It is I! Ray Ray Rumondo from way way beyondo, got home safe and lost my phone the next day. See what a vacation can do to me. My user name is spelled Raymondo. Did you ever hear from Magda?
    Mark i'm trying to get the messages you sent ,but for some weird reason i can't get it to work for me can u email me the messages ,so i can read them thank u john figueroa.
    hey mark how are you doing,hope you are feeling better,sorry we can't make it this year,for the festival,but we are still coming down in may for sure,we lots clothes and shoes,for the people of puerto,penasco ,find out from barbara what's up with that condo.greatly appreciated,hope to be down there soon so we can go snorkeling,and have bbq,well go to go keep in touch ,as we will do the same,can wait to be around good you guys .THE FIGUEROA FAMILY
    hi mark,
    its Regina just want to say hi to Barbara and ask how is little jennifer is doing and her mom and all the people we met when we went driving the community center my son jimmy met a little girl named cynthia and her brother how are they doing.
    Hi !!!! mark i got your message today,hopefully dia de los ninos is in may ,because we have two weddings to attend in april,i hope that harold and kathy will have this event in may.I'm keeping my fingers crossed,it all works out. hey!!!the cost at the alexander is $40.00 a night ,we have been coming here for the past 10yrs.maybe a different place to stay would be nice ,even for the kids ,would enjoy it,especially "jimmy" being so close to go snorkeling ,can't wait to go again ,and this time i'm actually going to swim around,yea!!!!!!!!!!hey!!!! the bbq ,i plan on bringing some marinated chicken ,you will love it ........guaranteed............anyway have good day,keep in touch,before you know it,we will all be together,having good times....................THE FIGUEROA FAMILY p.s say hello to barbara from us,hope to see her soon.
    hello mark,it"s the figueroa family from tucson,az happy belated birthday ,hope you had a good one.and how are you and Barbara doing for us we are all day by day.hope to come down soon ,we have lots of clothes and shoes for the people of puerto,penasco.hey can you find out what date is DIA DE LOS NINIOS .we would love to come out and help out like last year.please get back with this info so we can plan a date to come out.hopefully we can get together and have a bbq,while we are there,say hello to barb.
    Thanks Stuart... Boy I hope it don't start on here now... all I did all day yesterday was respond to Happy Birthday messages on FaceBook... I admit it was humbling so many people had sent Birthday greetings and I didn't even know who a lot of them were... BUT I KNOW YOU... Gracias Amigo...
    Hey Mark!
    Hope everything is going well for you and your family.
    Awhile back you posted something about a cleaning service/woman
    who would do condos. Is there a way you can get in touch with her and
    see if you can get me a quote/estimate to clean a 2 bedroom at the Sonoran Sea?
    we might be interested in using her for cleanings.

    So you don't like my feet? They don't stink do they?

    .......\_)..... )../.....
    ... ..I WAS HERE ...
    All these years, I thought it was 5, but when you asked, I did have to check! And I had my sister count them for me too, just in case! Next, I will document them with a photograph and have a 3rd party verify...but I think it's 5 each. Unless, like a thumb, the big one might not actually be considered a "toe." This mystery may keep me going for days!
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