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  • Mark....I was a bit "bummed" on how things turned out on Sat. Before I post anything, I wanted to check with you to see if you were able to get any money raised from this "Trike Race"....did it even come off on Sunday? When we left the bar on Sat. night, Jim said he would try to do them on Sunday, be we had to leave so didn't stick around to see if they actually came off. From what I could tell, many if not all the trikes were pretty trashed from the Mexicans that were watching the soccer match on Sat. evening. Heard there were as many as 2-3 trying to ride on one of them!!! So, please let me know what happened before I go "off" on the topic in the Forum!!! Some idiot posted about the races as if they had happened on Sat.!!!

    P.S. It was a pleasure meeting you and chatting a bit on Sat.!
    Yeah, I'm not keen about snorkeling around the island at all. 1) Yes, I did see a great white; 2) The gal that got severely bitten by a sea lion (her story was on the old forum, but she damn near bled to death).

    That said, I have snorkeled at the island before, but after getting challenged by a big bull sealion, I said that's enough of all that.

    I never listen to KUPD, so I'll never win. Seriously. Too much hard metal crap for my taste.

    You had mentioned before that you had a special client that didn't mind spending some money to get on nice fish. Never said who he was. If he wants to go out this year, let me know and I'll charter for you.

    I'm trying to get down there on Saturday. Tide is flat and Buoyweather shows the water flat, too.
    ok mark , this is my first attempt. peace and chicken grease, hammer
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