Shore and bay fishing, Cholla 05/23-06/01


Had a few friends come down with us to Cholla for the week, we all brought our Kayaks to give it a whirl unfortunately the extreme tides and not so favorable conditions kind of kept us in the bay, I don't know how Mexico Joe did it but paddling back in once your unprotected is tough!

Anyways we had a blast fishing on the bay there, didn't get as many photos as I wanted but we caught Mackerel, Corvina, and a bunch of other bait fish off the kayaks. We got some stud Triggers off of that treacherous Jetty and a few baby groupers we returned to gorw big and strong.

Also, I noticed the Pompano bites this time around were not plentiful like the other years? What the hell! Usually I send em a kastmaster and get one every single time.

Also went out shelling in front of JJs, found a perfect hole in the sand, after investigating it and sprinkling a little sand in it we saw a fish head down there! Luckily I still had a fishing hook in my backpack from the day before. I was able to drop the hook down the hole and snag him out to see what he was, beautiful Jaw fish! It was a really surprising find that day!

Here are a few photos of our trip!FB_IMG_1622991433002.jpgFB_IMG_1622991433002.jpg