Shore Fishing in and around Rocky Pointe

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    Hard to believe Ford went with the 3.5 EcoBoost engine in those... It's weird to hear a twin turbo v6 in what should be American Muscle... so used to hearing a big v8 roaring! Either way I still love those damn things but I get a bad taste in my mouth when I see people driving them that have absolutely no idea what they are driving other than their husband thought it looked cool... and I'll definitely be down again in May. Cheers!

    You ever watch Motor Trend? David Freiburger hates ethanol gasoline... apparently the ethanol gasoline just destroys internal parts and leaves a green film over everything. Especially when you let ethanol sit in the tank/carb and engine for a while without use.... I love that show Engine Masters as well as HotRod Garage and Roadkill....
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    Well Joe...........

    When that awesome sounding 450 horse twin turbo V-6 spools up in the Sport Mode, it'll do zero to sixty in about FIVE SECONDS! Well over 100 mph. in less than a half mile, and it actually IS Mrs. Willy's birthday truck. She'll hang on while I've got it in the Baja Mode and that thing blows over the tops of ten foot whoops at 110 mph. in 4x4. Your souped up truck looks pretty cool with that new front suspension although I'm sure I'll leave you in the dust in about ten seconds. Did you check out the vid below in Off Topic with BJ Baldwin in his 2WD whatever truck in Havana? That, I must say was quite a production. I must have watched it ten times now.

    The other shit thing about ethanol is that It can hold a massive amount of water suspended in invisible droplets that gets run through your engine and screws up a whole lot more parts to include metal fuel tanks, aluminum fuel pumps and carburetors and who knows what else in the engine itself. Ever see the puddles of water coming out of your tailpipe when you start up? That my friend is known as a full scale criminal ripoff, I thought they were selling us gasoline, not 10% or 20% agua.

    I have two quart sized water/fuel separators, one for each Yami on my boat. I normally dump em out every twenty or so hours of operation and have never seen more than a peanut sized drop of water in them. Last November I had a total failure on engine number 2, luckily only ten miles out and puttered back on number 1. When back to Mirador I pulled em off and dumped them only to see each one half full of water and the rubber seal at the top of each one swelled up so much that I couldn't reinstall them.

    The green film you mention above is the dissolved inner linings of fuel hoses, and yes everything from the tank back was covered with it.


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    Last time I fished off of it there were no guards and later in the day more people came to fish. I personally probably caught atleast 20+fish off the jetti that day
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