Solar Electric and Propane for new construction


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I’m building a house near Cholla Bay. I have a lot of experience with solar panels at a desert house in the SW US, as well as using propane for heating and hot water in rural US houses. Can anyone suggest reputable firms for putting in solar — I’m thinking about 10 to 12 kW? Also any recommendations about propane companies and experiences with propane service in Rocky Point?



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Don't have any experience with solar electric . Get a good passive solar design for the house and you will need nothing else. Overhangs to cut the summer sun and slabs and stone to store the winter sun heat. A simple system for heat can be designed with infloor tubing and a small pump. Same with water. We have lots of sun and few cloudy days. Windy yes. AC is another matter. I don't think you will be comfortable without a decent AC system and that takes electricity. As long as it is cool at night, even with hot sunny days you can vent at night and close up in the day to control heat.

Propane availability is good and delivery is prompt from my experiences. Delivery guys are not well trained and sometimes irresponsible. Had a large tank filled years back, the guys were goosing each other and laughing having a good time. When they left I went out and propane was leaking out big time.