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They can open up the town but it would be good if things could change. The spread of this thing should have been more manageable and identified and controlled earlier. It is not rocket science, public health sanitation rules are simple and inexpensive to institute. There needs to be better health / sanitation controls in public places, all the time not just now. Especially heavy use public places.


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Maybe the world will learn from this and start practicing good hygiene and sanitation going forward
but people need to be educated about how important this is, Really.

Before the CV, if I went someplace like ex: Super Ley or locally at Fry's and it wasn't the cleanest (especially the check out belts)
I would cringe a little and make sure I washed up and wipe off the stuff I bought when I got home.

Now, I'm going to keep wipes, hand sanitizer and a mask in my car.
We started doing this 6 weeks ago and have been wiping down the hand rail on my cart for years.

I sure hope businesses everywhere will step up and take things to a new level of clean going forward and not relax after 6 months.
Have mandatory training for all employees.
Everyone should watch the movie Contagion especially the first 30 minutes and the last 5 minutes, it will show you how easy things spread.

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Hygiene and Mexico??????????

Ever stop on a highway bridge in Mexico and look at what's under it?

Ever look at a vacant lot in Las Conchas?

All evidence of those events without even a trace of butt wipe?

Es el paradiso para los moskas.

Chino and his carreta en el Malecon??

JJ's condiment selection en La Chola?

Those big fat lazy buzzing black fuckers that just have to take a sip of of your cervesa or margarita, that were born and raised in a heap of decaying human dung.

Wadda life!


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Next case detected....Now it says 2 again...when will the actual numbers be known??? Everything I read is that they are doing the rapid test and that does not count if they do not send the next test to be verified. So they are doing the quarantine and not reporting the numbers. If we knew the true numbers would everyone still want to come here??? We could also decide how much we would want to move around. The point is we could make an informed decision instead of arguing the unknown.

A second case of coronavirus Covid-19 in Puerto Peñasco was officially confirmed on Thursday evening, May 7th, by Sonora Secretary of Health Enrique Clausen. Clausen emphasized Sonora is currently within the period of greatest risk of contagion in the state, though also with the best opportunity to control the pandemic.

The Health Secretary stressed economic reactivation in Sonora must be done based on facts, data, and statistics that point to minimal risk, as to the contrary the state would be opening the door to new outbreaks of the virus that could worsen the current situation.

In a Saturday morning radio interview on Ahora Noticias on La Reyna del Mar, Puerto Peñasco Municipal Health Coordinator Dr. Oscar Castro Castro detailed this second confirmed case in Puerto Peñasco is a woman who worked in the administrative area of a local fruit store and did not have contact with the general public. She had also been at home for the past few days after beginning to feel ill. She is currently in Hermosillo with her husband, who are both in isolation, is in stable condition and under observation.

Authorities speculate the woman representing Puerto Peñasco’s second official coronavirus case caught the virus from a food supplier from Mexicali with whom she dealt in her closed office space. Shortly following confirmation of the positive case, the epidemiological area of the local General Hospital closed down operations of the fruit store, located on Ave. Simon Morúa in the Col. Oriente, while local health authorities sanitized the space. The fruit store remains closed and fellow staff are in quarantine.

From March 16th – May 9th, 2020, the Sonora Secretary of Health reports the following with respect to Covid-19 in the state: Confirmed cases: 534, Deaths: 45, Recoveries: 73, Tests: 1791

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This was on the government facebook sight explaining how they are handling a group of construction workers entering....(it was already translated in English) This is why everyone should go through the sanitary filter and not look for a way to avoid it.

Avoid access to COVID-19 suspect Peñasco thanks to quick tests Puerto Peñasco, Sonora; May 09, 2020.- Although there have been inconsistencies in statistical data and handling suspicious cases, Puerto Peñasco maintains a low Covid-19 index due to the Strict measures applied and thanks to the positive response of most of its inhabitants, Oscar Castro said. Castro Castro stated that when the second case of Covid-19 was confirmed, prevention measures were strengthened and, as a result, in the filter of the health fence it was possible to prevent a suspicious case from entering Puerto Peñasco, thanks to the application of a quick test, which tested positive twice. " A construction company started the procedure to isolate its workers and the quick test application, so that they will enter Peñasco in two weeks, and as a result, an engineer was detected who tested positive, so it was cancelled the isolation and it was decided to transfer back to his place of origin, in Mexicali ", he explained. It is an unofficially confirmed case, he added, but it is a patient who is not from Puerto Peñasco and therefore, if positivity confirmed, would not enter the statistic of this municipality, which officially, has two confirmed cases. He considered that this demonstrates that the result of quick tests helps prevent and avoid contacts with potential virus carriers; in addition to confirms also the effectiveness of the health fence, in which it has been reduced by up to 90 % Attempts to enter Peñasco for gaps. The municipal official clarified that coordination with the other government orders has not been lost, with a constant exchange of information; although it is understood that, by government provisions, some officials are limited to providing information, because the privacy of the patients. The Municipal Health Coordinator endorsed the call to abide by the agreements of the Municipal Council of Health and Safety, especially in the celebration of Mothers Day, without going to pantheons, without celebrations and no agglomerations of people, to avoid potential growth of infections. " We are going well and the possibilities that Puerto Peñasco will start receiving oxygen, from an economic point of view, are very high; so there is no need for neglect and let our guard down, ultimately lose the battle against thispandemic And we are like other municipalities like San Luis Rio Colorado or Hermosillo ", he stressed. About second case The Municipal Health Coordinator (CMS) stated that the second confirmed case of Coronavirus in the city, is a female patient, employed of a fruit shop of the East colony, which is stable in treatment in Hermosillo and are already all his contacts in isolation. Apparently, he said, the contagion came from a supplier of the business and the infected person having direct contact with it presented symptoms, so immediately his pattern sent her home, which perhaps prevented the emergence of an outbreak of greater dimension. He exposed that the business where this person works is closed to the public and has already been sanitized, in addition to that it will continue to be sanitized so that, when it reopens to the public, it does not involve any risk
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I was wondering if anyone knew what is the actual spray that they are using to spray people in the sanitary filter?

This was mentioned in an article, but they are still not giving away the information. Why is it a secret?

Drivers entering Nogales, Sonora, from Arizona now go through a disinfecting process to ward off the coronavirus. After crossing through a port of entry, drivers and passenger get out of their cars and walk through inflatable tunnels that were put up on the side of the road Wednesday by the municipal government of Nogales.
The spray uses Biozinc, which protects against infection for up to 24 hours, a Mexican health official told the Sonoran newspaper El Imparcial.



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I have been guessing benzochonium chloride . Just a guess it's an oldie so might be a newer one. Have developed spelling difficulties also , me that is ~


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Queenie , you continue to show an incredible amount of ignorance. Yes the best thing to use is very expensive, called soap and water, jabon and agua here.