St. Patty's day trip report


Sonoran Goddess
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Hi gang,
It was kind of a crazy weekend......Friday was nice and warm, Sat. was way windy. They cancelled the concert due to the winds. I heard it was 60 mph. All I can tell you was that we were hunkered down in the trailer wondering if it was going to blow off the blocks! LOL! The concert will be rescheduled so we can't wait. Got our potato and went to La Curva with good friends. Tried Krispy's fried chicken and it is good. Sunday and today were cold. My neighbor gave Jerry her golf cart and somebody posted us and all my neighbors on youtube trying to load it in my trailer this morning! Too funny! I got 2 more leaks in the trailer so new faucets are in order next trip. Then a 5 and a half hour ride home as it was tall and the wind was bad. We got passed by a semi going in the opposite direction and almost got tipped over......6 or so cars in front of us at the border at 12:30 Other than the wind, totally uneventful ride home. Gas went up a couple of pesos per liter in Sonoyta. I paid 440 but don't know how much gas I got, probably 14 gallons. Don't know yet when we'll be back. It was nice meeting you badfish and Lagrimas, where were you all weekend?