Stalled Developments....


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It might be worthwhile to list those developments that have stalled, or the developers have taken off with the funds(now that doesn't happen in Puerto Penasco!!!) :twisted: :twisted:

Playa Elegante property......doesn't look like anything has been going on for a couple of months
Mirimar property.....also no apparent activity the past month or so....


Don't forget Perla "The Joka" Del Mar. Last weekend they didn't even have a salesman in model.


And of course, let's not forget the NorthBeach fiasco. This includes:

Las Gardenias
Sunset Beach
Playa Azul
Riviera Real
Possibly, Playa Dorado

Also include:
Villa Cortez on Encanto

And the list will be getting longer and longer.

As a wise man once said, a bad investment in the US is far better than a good investment in Mexico.


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Solance Towers on Whale Hill - steel is up and there were a few workers on site

Marbella Condo at Las Conchas - looks like the delivered 2-3 units. 80% of the project is unfinished and there were no workers on site.

Corora Las Conchas - 1st building is done ...tons of workers on site

Terrsso Las Conchas - steel work looks almost done...sales person on site but no workers.

Pointe at Las Conchas - no building, steel building for sales office