Story # 2 Hurrican Eduardo-Labor Day weekend, 1976


Sonoran Goddess
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I came down for the weekend to visit my sweetie. He had told me I probably should not come due to the hurricane but I loved it all so much......He lived right on the beach what is now in front of Balboas. Sat. morning, you could see a dark bank of clouds coming across the Baja from San Felipe. It got closer and closer and we went out to the Villa Granada for dinner and dancing. About 9 or so, the storm hit. It poured and blew. The power went out but the band kept playing without power. We went on dancing and drinking. At 2 A.M., it had subsided. We went to his mother's house to check on her as she was older and lived in a tar-paper, pieces of wood and ocotillo house. The streets were eerie and dark. He had a big 4 wheel drive Bronco so we had no problems. She was fine. I was stuck in PP a couple of days due to the washes but that was never a problem for me! LOL! That storm was soooo cool.