Tekila bar


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Very cool bar. $2.50 Bohemia,great house margs. Jesse was excellent,gave us a brief history of building the bar. Our waitress Jandy ,was excellent. Will definitely be going back.


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My brother-in-law and sister-in-law went there this last weekend. They thought the prices were a little high on their drinks. My sister-in-law drinks a good vodka on the rocks. Hers was $8. Beer was a good price I think they said it was three bucks.


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Even though we have been coming to RP since 1980 I would still consider oursels more tourists than "semi-resients". The means we tend to hang out atbplaces like Wrecked a BooBar. Due to business at home we hadn't been down RP since May. We found out that our favorite bar tender from BooBar had opened th Tekila Bar and have spent time there over the past couple days including New Years eve. personally we love the place. Food is better than BooBar (OK, I know, who goes to BooBar for the food) but more important is the staff. Jorge and Jerry are running the place along with Curious and other favorites who followed them from Boo. Great party atmosphere, cool tequila barrel record and just a lot of fun. Downstairs is a little more mellow. The view from the upstairs patio is fantastic. New years was a blast and my wife didn't even spin a wheel before she flashed (s, tequila makes her clothes fall off). For us it will be out new night time hang out We really do love it and based on the crowds so far I think it has staying power.
Jerry and Jorge are the owners with some USA investor, and as we all know for the past few years Jerry was the actual face of Boo Bar, and the person most people asked for when going there, as Jose was there just for looks and it seems like they took basically all the workers and patrons from Boo Bar, very nice and clean place, prices are oriented towards the tourists but still in line with the others.

What I do not understand is the food prices, not necessarily from Tekila Bar but anywhere, $15 dollars for a plate of Garlic Shrimp and it has 6 shrimps????????? how about $10 or add an extra 4 shrimps instead, highway robbery!!!!! however you can go anywhere else in town other than the Malecon and get that same dish for $8 with 8 shrimps, just don't expect an ocean view!!!!