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Discussion in 'General' started by jerry, Aug 4, 2018.

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    1,857 story talks of the problems in Australia.Imagine the costs of dredging in our sand box! One bunker fueled retrofitted 1990s rust bucket could not fund the never ending effort.
    I am on a Seabourne N. Europe cruise this month.They need a minimum of 10 meters depth to dock. In the shallow bay of Finland channels are constantly dredged (12 or them) The first mate thought the Northern Sea of Cortez would be a " big problem" . Also the modern ships like the Seabourne Ovation use a clean burning mix while in Port.You can see the difference in smoke from the 2002 build and a newer Viking....picture a 90s ship pumping out black smoke down Sandy Beach..
    DSC03845-404x270.JPG DSC03845-404x270.JPG PSX_20180801_212847-480x491.jpg PSX_20180801_212847-480x491.jpg
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    Would that black smoke be different than the black smoke from the constant fires in and around Penasco?
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    Oh yes. That rich black smoke is collected trash, tires, dead animals, vehicles etc. collected by the city or delivered by responsible citizens. The dump gets full ya know whatta ya gonna do, buy one of those expensive crusher dozers and bury it ?? . Most of the time they wait till the wind blows it toward Caborca..
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    It was burning today toward the north west
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