They raise the price of some items in Puerto Peñasco


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Posted: 01 Jan 2021 10:29 PM PST
PUERTO PEASCO.- As of today, January 1st, prices of gasoline, soft drinks and cigars increase
From the first day of the year products such as gasoline, tobacco and soft drinks will increase their prices, however, this is not a "petrol" or an adjustment imposed by shop owners, but rather the update of the Excise Tax on Production and Services (IEPS), which occurs every year.
In the case of cigars, cigars shall have a price increase of 3.32%; soft drinks and other flavored beverages will rise by 3.30% in their unit cost; which can be reflected upon arrival of the first batch of merchandise comprising 2021.
The IEPS is the tax paid for the production and sale or import of the products, in which taxpayers do not solve it directly, but transfer or charge it to their customers, an effect that occurs normally each year, but is not a lien defined by government orders.
In the cities that make up the free zone of the northern border it will go from 185.56 to 213.39 pesos from the first of January, which from some approach balances the issue of rising inflation, which is the natural increase.


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I haven't spent 50 usd on gas in the last 9 months...I dont think it matters how much it is per gallon. Plus is what it is...there's no value in comparing it to is not the same market. If you need cheap gas to feel good about your it in the states..


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On Jan. 4th at the Pemex at Las Conchas, it cost me $76 on my Sam's Club Mastercard for 77.958 litres of Magna. Ridiculous!
Buying gas in Mexico is one of the biggest turn offs ever, especially if you don’t live or have house outside of town.


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The price of gas has made my fishing trips far and few in between. When your outboard get 1.5 MPG, fishing offshore gets pricey.

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No competition , government run industry. :D
Actually, you're officially an idiot! The inverse would be true if it was truly government run. Now it is not. 2 years ago Pemex was opened up for foreign investment. That's why they now have a market price for their gas instead of the USE TO BE $2.00 a gallon.

So again Steve, what world are you living in? Pemex used to be socialized you are correct however, the inverse would be true not what you said. Gas would be cheaper IE Venezuela at like $1.00/g or however low it was when Chavez was leader. You obviously have no idea how socialism works. 2 years ago, maybe it was 3 now, Pemex was opened up to foreign investment and market capitalism. That is why you now see $4.00/g in RP.

Please someone correct me if I'm wrong. Anyone but Steve please. I don't want to get dumber in the process.


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MJ, you know your hustory.
Past Mexican Pres Nieto, also removed the gov't Subsidies from fuel, then added additional taxes to refined fuel which helped boost
the retail price of fuels.

Nieto's policy to allow foreign investment and privatizing Pemex in 2017 also skyrocketed the prices.
There were riots in Mexico after he did this because gas increased close to $1 per gallon. This didn't work out well
for the people.
Mexico's Pemex is also a terribly run inefficient outfit full of corruption, Mexico now sends oil to the US
to get refined to show you how bad Pemex is.

Also adding to Pemex's woes is Mexico's loss from organized fuel theft from the pipelines, losses close to $3 Billion dollars per year.


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I've seen a few BP gas stations pop up in town, but have never used them. Does anyone have an opinion or experience with them compared to Pemex? Better, worse, same, cheaper, honest volume dispensed, etc?


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I'm pretty sure fucking with the calibration on the dispensers is a Mexico thing. not a brand thing, Az Dept of weights and measures handles that here.


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I've seen a few BP gas stations pop up in town, but have never used them. Does anyone have an opinion or experience with them compared to Pemex? Better, worse, same, cheaper, honest volume dispensed, etc?
I have. Really no difference other than usually a slightly better price, but it's negligible.