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Great video! It's just like I remember from my first visits to Rocky Point. Thanks for posting, and I look forward to seeing more of your videos.


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The reason that Cholla Mall used to be called "Dirt Mall" is in this next video

I had goosebumps as you were slowing down going into Rodeo Drive, it's 3rd name. I loved that place back in the day before it was paved. Unlike today, most shops were owned by individuals and families and it was home not just a shop for some. We used to have a lot of chatter on this website about Rodeo Dr, and the one before this one too. Before the condo's, people loved it as it was then, especially if they were there for the first time. So where did everyone take their friends, and then on to Cholla and JJ's? The curio shops were on the only road in or out of Cholla, until after the major renovation.
I'm going to go back and stop/start your video and take my time going through, to me, was then the newer old port. Not to be confused with how it is today.

Thank you Russ
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Another great video. It's funny, we still call it the "dirt mall" even today. I was talking to someone with a shop there a few weeks ago telling them I remember when kids use to dig up the dirt just west of the tracks and put water in to make a mud hole. Then when RVs etc would come through the RV's would get stuck and people would pay the kids to help them get out. Somehow magically the kids always had boards and branched to get the RV un-stuck. He started laughing like crazy and told me he was one of those kids, then walked me down to the track to show me where they hid the boards and branches. Great memories. Thank again so much for posting the videos!

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The reason that Cholla Mall used to be called "Dirt Mall" is in this next video

Although it still had the dirt streets in 98' which was my first trip, the Blair family referred to it as the Cardboard Mall. That stuck over the years. I never really preferred the play on shacks fifth or any of the others I've heard. I always like the sound of Cardboard Mall. LOL God I used to spend so much money on fake sunnys, pooka shell necklaces (90's) LOL and churros!!! Man, there was a shop owner at the west end of the mall that had this home made butterscotch tequila. He'd always give us a shot when we stopped by... O the good ol days! Good to see that the mall is starting to make a comeback! It almost dried up and died. Anyone need screen printing for shirts go see ARMANDO's in the cardboard mall. He has a full silk screen press there and makes pretty good shirts.


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After hurricane Nora hit in 1997, it went from Dirt Mall to Rodeo drive after many of the card board and plywood homes blew away
and were replaced with something sturdier. The Lino's curios and furniture store on the south side of the road hasn't changed that much in
over 30 years, same couple I saw there then are still there sometimes.