To the People of Puerto Penasco:

The Cartels are taking over your City. They are buying up everything. They are looking for places to put drug money. Banks won’t work because the US would find and track it. Eventually, like Cancun they will devastate everything. Evil is Evil. The FBI knows what and who but can’t help unless invited to assist. It’s time to demand your officials protect you community before it’s to late.


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That's been going on for years, All the ATV rental places and OXXO's all over town are some of the examples.
The Mafia/Cartels here in the USA do it too.
Thats yesterday’s low level guys putting money to work, now its the big guys influencing and controlling Government and demanding illegal privileges or else. We all know what the -else - means. It was thousands of dollars now it’s millions maybe billions. It’s all the policing forces in Mexico being in theCartels bag. If Mexicans allow this to continue eventually Mexico will dissolve. Very sad! Comparing this with what is happening in the US. is generally uninformed. Mexico is in a death struggle with nobody to turn to for help except the US but because of cultural differences and history and cartel control don’t hold your breath for a call for assistance.
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