Trip report 7/22 to 7/25


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This is my first trip with all my family, wife, daughter, son in law, 2 nephews and 4 dogs all in one car.
We loved it, the beach, las conchas, was all for us, loved walking on low tide, water was unbelievable warm.
No problem at the border, I had all the papers for the 4 dogs, it was good to have copies of the rabies immunization and driver license, they did not care about the dogs pictures, they took the pictures with their camera.
I went very slow through sonoyta, and it was a good idea since the car in front of me got stopped for speeding, but after that was an easy drive.
First night we went to eat at el capitan, we were very unimpressed by the food, just a nice view of town.
After that we decided to buy the fish at the market and cook it by ourself, best decision we made, after all I used to cook in restaurants long time ago. But I still got it.
I like to thank all of you for this website, it really help making this trip a breeze and before leaving we stopped by the fish/shrimp processor and market and we load up on shrimps, flounder, octopus and calamari. I really liked that the price were written on the board, it was all frozen and easy to select.
So we are back in phoenix and dreaming about these beautifull 4 days we spent and try to organize another come back in august.


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Great report, your experience is pretty normal during this time of the year. I also buy only frozen this time of the year.
When you come back in Aug. be prepared for even warmer temps with little wind and the ocean water will be like bath water warm. But still a great time as long as there is a place with A/C to sleep in.


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Great report, Fabrizio. Thank you for sharing it. We were also at Las Conchas over those same days. The onshore breeze was keeping it in the 80s, water was terrific, and I even surfed a couple ragged waves.


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Or a couple of weeks later, around Halloween. Almost guaranteed that the heat and humidity is gone. Great time for BBQ's and sitting around a beach fire at night!