Trip report - Friday Nov 6


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Easy drive down to Rocky Point from Phoenix on Friday morning. Left Phoenix around 7am and had light traffic all the way down from Gila Bend. We saw a resident coyote wandering in the parking lot at the Why Texaco station again. Only a few cars in line at the border and got the green light along with the car in front of us. The Aduana were busy checking a truck and trailer who got the red light a few cars before. Chatted with the military kid at the second stop just south of the border for a moment but didn't get pulled aside for inspection. He was nice and asked me where I was going and if I knew Spanish and I replied "Rocky Point" and "poco" and he waved me along. Didn't see any cars pulled over by the Sonoyta cops, but traffic was light. Vasquez was boarded up after their recent fire with caution tape around the building. Didn't see anyone wearing masks in their cars in Sonoyta, but we wore them just to be safe for our 23 mph crawl through town. Coming into Rocky Point, there were no stops or information booths set up for the recent heighted safety protocols. Just an easy drive right into town. We wore our masks in the car in Penasco, but didn't see many others wearing masks, even with 2+ in their vehicle. Sam's Club checked my temperature before I entered the store. There was a line in front of Bodega Aurrera letting a limited amount of people into the store. We grabbed a pollo entero from Pollo Lucas and headed to the house. It was surprisingly warm and humid at noon for November with fairly calm seas and light clouds. Beach vendors, massage people, banana boats and jet skis are all out hustling. By sunset, the weather had turned and cooled down nicely. The clouds contributed to a gorgeous sunset. The skies cleared last night and showed a brilliant display of bright stars. The wind has picked up strongly to 30-35 mph this morning with rough seas, which should calm down by Sunday. Great trip!IMG_2704.jpgIMG_2700.jpgIMG_2719.jpgIMG_2705.jpg


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Was just at Super Ley. They have reinstated special hours for 65+ or pregnant shoppers. Looks like the beginning of another lockdown.


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Was just at Super Ley. They have reinstated special hours for 65+ or pregnant shoppers. Looks like the beginning of another lockdown.
No more filters here, from what Radio is saying, mayors Dad is head of special forces of Security out of Hermosillo might of played a role in him putting up filter, now that he has money to run for Governor Penasco was just a stepping stone for his career, he parked the town and the residents, well they weren’t to happy standing in line for food.

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Looks like we're dodging a bullet so far. Just 10pm curfew and masks. Don't care about either. Hopefully we can make it down one last time this month for some tasty Halibut!