Trip report from a first timer July 2014

Jaimee o

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Headed down Saturday for a 4pm check in at the townhouse we rented on VRBO. Easy drive down. Got a little nervous as we approached the border as we had some questionable food items in our cooler (hot dogs, eggs and dairy products). I couldn't get a clear answer on what was allowed and what wasn't so we just decided to take our chances and if they took it away from us, oh well. No worries as we got the green light and drove right through.

Picked up the keys and headed straight to the townhouse. We got there about 5pm or so. Turned on the AC and unpacked and then headed to the Malecon for dinner. Traffic wasnt too bad and we found a parking space right on the main drag. Had dinner at Amigos, or something to that effect. Awesome, awesome fried fish. The rest of the food was good, but not great. Cheap enough. $30 for 4 people.

Sunday we decided to try to head to sandy beach so we could take advantage of some of the rentals. So we drove over. We drove around Cholla Bay first to see if we could find the house my grandparents owned when I was a kid. But 25 years later, absolutely everything had changed. I couldnt find their house or the little beach we used to hang out on. We drove back down past the resorts but couldnt find anywhere to park to get to the beach. All the resorts were gated. :-( So we drove back to our rental on Mirador, donned our water shoes and just braved the rocks. Sunday dinner we went to Latitudes. Good americanized food for my kids. They enjoyed it. Seemed a bit pricy though. I think around $40-50 for the whole meal.

Monday we just hung out at the rental. Did some boogie boarding at high tide and checked out the awesome tide pools at low tide. Went to Capone's for dinner. OMG it was soooo good. We really enjoyed that meal. The pizza was great and so were the fish tacos. Made the mistake of feeding the neighborhood dogs from our patio. They all had collars so we didnt think they were strays, but once we fed them they stayed. I felt bad for one of them. He was completely crippled in the back. Really should be put down. But the kids really enjoyed feeding and petting them. That was probably their favorite part of the trip.

Had breakfast Tuesday morning at Lucky's. For $5 per person got a huge breakfast and a coke. We thought the food was great and a good value. Then we headed home. One lane open and no lines coming back across. No searches at the border or either border patrol checkpoint. Guess we just look harmless.

Final thoughts- we really enjoyed ourselves. My husband, who is the biggest gringo ever, even enjoyed it and said he would go back. I think next time we go, if we have the kids we will stay in one of the condos on Sandy beach and if its just us adults we will stay on Mirador again so we can relax right on the beach without the crowds.

Thanks again to everyone here who gave me advice and made our first trip a success!

El Gato

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You would enjoy October on Sandy Beach - weather usually great - days warm, nights cooler - water still warm and generally no crowds, especially mid week. Think that and into beginning of November our favorite times there. Glad you had fun.
Sounds like what we'll be doing this weekend.
How bad is the weather? We're heading down Friday morning, and weather reports say it'll be windy.
Anyone there now to give me a weather report?


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Sounds like what we'll be doing this weekend.y
How bad is the weather? We're heading down Friday morning, and weather reports say it'll be windy.
Anyone there now to give me a weather report?
Right now, no wind, very hot and extremely humid. Weather report says it is supposed to cool down a little .... we'll see :eek: