Trip Report Oct 16th.


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Picked up 3 big bags of rice, beans and sugar from Rudy in Lukeville for casa Hogar bout 12:30. Looked up road to see what line was going to be like crossing. Like an angel a truck with a 1,000’ foot trailer was totally blocking the road allowing us to go right to the border. No Wait! Got redlight cuz had the truck full of Kayaks, dishwashers tools and all kinds of stuff. Was asked bout the food and how much it cost. Replied Gratis! No problemo have a good trip and gracias. Now on the beach with perfect weather and what a moon!


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Update, Friday 10/30.
Weather has been perfect today, finally warming up a bit from the big cool down from Mon-Thurs.
I flew my drone around for about 1 hour getting some nice video and stills around Cholla, I flew it
over to Pelican Point where my construction guy was doing a project for someone, I harassed his workers
who know me and my drone, it was a fun time with how they responded to my buzzing by them.

We had a power pole almost fall apart next to my place on Monday from the big wind we had, gusts 45-50mph
it just popped really loud and a 2-3" crack opened up almost the whole length. We contacted CFE and they sent
out a person to inspect the pole.
Well today CFE showed up to start the process of replacing it and 3 others on Pinto Pt which are in bad shape.
The pole behind us fell over on it's own last month because much of the concrete outside had eroded away.

My pole had a Osprey nest which wasn't occupied on top which they removed. They said they will put
a wood pallet on top of another pole to encourage the eagles to build a new nest away from my place, Yeah!!

We went to a little beach by our place in Cholla, we were the only ones there. Temp was close to 80 with just enough
wind to keep cool, Water feels about 75-78ish.
After a few hours the clouds started to roll in and we packed up and went home. I cleaned up all the debris
that fell on my patio from CFE removing the Osprey nest. Those are some dirty birds.

We went into town for dinner and decided on Pollo Lucas for take out, while waiting for our food we saw
2-3 groups of Americans walk into PL without masks, we also saw some locals walk out without masks.

Maybe that will change, because on Nov 2, new restrictions are being implemented in Penasco again,
because Covid cases are starting to explode in Sonora again (like many places in the US, such a surprise).

On Tuesday we went to finalize an order for new kitchen cabinets for our place, I'm hoping I can get back down
in early Dec to arrange for the installation of them, and hope Penasco doesn't shut down again.

We arrived back home and there was a nice group of people in front of my place grilling some of the fish they caught on
the rocks, it smelled good.
More to come.


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It’s been great. Yesterday I paddle boarded in the lagoon at Islas and the surface was mirror calm. About to take some visitors out, and it’s only slightly worse.


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Update, Sat. Oct 31 Halloween.
Woke up to 66 degrees with 65% humidity wind from the East as it usually is in the AM.
Water was almost glass and now at 11:45AM it's still pretty calm. There's 6 boats out in front of our place.
Also saw a number of cars go by to do some shore fishing.
We're off to Sam's Club to buy more Halloween candy, we were told even with Covid going on
to expect lot's of kid's to come by.


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The previous wood was untreated and it's lasted 30 years, it's biggest problem was
regular paint upkeep got lax.
30 years in Penasco's climate with my house being 200 feet from the ocean didn't help,
well it lasted longer than I would have expected.
If I keep the painting schedule more regular and the new wood may last longer than me. LOL
I love your used motor oil for wood treatment plan. We have been applying used oil to our wood for years and it works great to prevent termites and rot.


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Update, Sun 11/1.
Woke up to 63 degrees with 60% humidity, some overcast with the water like glass.
Well we had zero local kids stop by last night, now my wife has to figure out how long it will take her to eat 400
pieces of candy. LOL
I flew my drone around it hit 40mph with almost zero wind.
At 1:30PM the water is still pretty calm with a bit of wind to make for some chop.

I just saw a forum member troll by fishing from his ski in front of my house. I won't say who, but you
should be able figure that out pretty easily.
Just another perfect day, we're going to watch some football later.


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Update Tues, 11/3 Election Day drama.

Woke up to 66 degrees with 88% humidity, slight wind, water still very calm.
I saw a lot of jumping fish today many more than on any previous day.
Monday we had a pod of Dolphins playing in front of our place, look to be feeding.
Weather is going to warm up the rest of the week close to 90 with a big cool down starting this weekend.
The hot weather will finally be gone for the year.

We found out Sunday that Penasco is again partially shutting things down, curfew will be from 10PM-6AM.
Covid cases in Sonora are in the 45-60% range of people tested. This is the reason why.
Limiting people in stores to 1 person and when driving in a car with 2 or more people, masks are again required.

Received an e-mail from the Cholla Bay HOA alerting us that the Cholla HOA Treasurer has been dismissed
and that $150-170,000 of funds are missing from the HOA accounts.
Also getting in on the fun is the AZ Attorney general's office which has filed an inquiry against the former treasurer and her husband.
That's 2 years worth of dues from those who actually pay them.
This should be fun to watch as this plays out

This is the last trip report for now because we are going back to AZ manana after being here almost 3 weeks, it's been our longest stay ever.


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Sorry to hear the Cholla HOA got looted. Something similar was discovered at one of the Sandy Beach condo developments earlier in the year, and was detected by a board member there. It was nice paddle boarding in the lagoon this morning. I’ve switched back to shorts for a few days.


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Another calm flat day. Kayaked in front of pitaya yesterday. I little windier than today but very nice. Kept seeing a periscope popping up eyeing us. Got closer and it was a 3’ diameter sea turtle checkin us out! Very exciting. The huge sea lion was more intimidating.